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WMS – Warehouse Management System

The concept of the warehouse has varied over the years, expanding its scope of responsibility within the supply chain. Its management deals with the reception, storage and movement of materials and information, it is situated between inventory management and the reception and distribution management process; its automation makes possible a greater integration of the value chain, generating significant gains in terms of cost and productivity and significantly improving interaction with suppliers and the quality of customer service.

◼ Avoid the typical errors of expeditions in which the wrong products are sent to customers, since the system verifies that what is issued is really what is requested. All this in real time and without depending on the administrative departments to process the information.

◼ Inventory management becomes quick and easy thanks to a quick and easy count, which is automatically reflected in the database online, allowing to keep warehouses updated with minimal effort. Eliminates the need to issue a list of existing stock and then review it manually.

◼ It stores all the data and reports in real time, allowing you to know any problem in the shortest possible time to react appropriately. This promotes good customer service, even before the customer notices the problem.

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