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Oppi InterChat

Oppi InterChat comes to solve the handling of Languages in an agile way to communicate in a world of globalization in which everything is immediate, where communication between people is essential.

Being able to hold conversations in multiple languages, where it is no longer necessary to search for an online translator, and conversations are fluid, agile and efficient.

Imagine a hotel reception to respond to its customers, an information desk in a Hypermarket, a logistics dock where carriers have to cross information with personnel who do not speak their language, a convention, universities, large multinationals with headquarters in different countries in which, for example, a project manager must maintain continuous communication with their workers anywhere on the planet, or ultimately that place or moment where people of multiple nationalities converge.


. Allows you to create private conversations between several people without the need for them to be public.

. Allows speech to text.

. Allows you to create ranges and characteristics.

Oppi InterChat improves day by day with new capabilities and functionalities …..