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Document Converter


Given the circumstances that we are living through COVID19, we want to improve our test pack from 10 to 30 sheets, so that you can work with more notes for free, these days in which, more than ever, the internet and remote work they become essential.

From Oppidum… we wish you all the strength and patience to carry these days !!!


ICR Converteris a system that aims to convert any type of file into editable. Just choose the file, we will do the rest on our servers. You can download the file instantly, no matter how complex your file is, the conversion service can keep the original format accurately.

You can convert your files from any device and on Windows, Mac, iOS or Linux or any other operating system, all you need is Internet access and a web browser.

The files are fully encrypted and only the user has access to them.

How does it works?

◼ Upload your files from any device with an Internet browser without having to install any application.

◼ Wait for the conversion process to finish and download the files.



We want to give students a comprehensive service, for this, in addition to offering them the possibility of converting their notes into editable documents and integrating them into a single file.

What benefits do you have?

Print everything you need at 1.5 cents per sheet in B&W
⭐ Free binding until the end of June
⭐ Forget the lines forever.

What do you need to benefit from this service?

  1. Buy anyof our ICR Converter packs (the free trial is not valid)
  2. Send us an email to with your username and the files you want to print
  3. Pick your printings up from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Payment method: at the time of receipt, by credit / debit card or in cash.

Do you want more information? We will be delighted to help you!
You can contact us through 876 28 11 80 or send us an email with your questions at