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AVA – Automated Virtual Assistant

AVA is a software programmed to solve your doubts. Humanoid in appearance, it will provide feedback with the user.

What does AVA can do for you?

  • First level customer service configurable for each company consisting of:
  • Frequently asked questions management
  • Redirect email requests to other departments.
  • Speaker language detection and answering
  • Real-time translation
  • Respond in writing and by voice
  • Appointment management via email client integration
  • Conversation transcription
  • Machine learning
  • Sentiment detection and user experience
  • Personality setup
  • It can be integrated with LSE (Spanish Sign Language)

AVA will talk with the user showing different expressions and will answer your questions with a smile and also, they can dress in the corporate clothing of your company.

shhhh … a secret: her hair, her green eyes and her mouth are not the result of chance, we wanted to give a respectful wink to Ava Gardner.