The quality of our services, the transparency of our business management, the ethical and social commitment, respect for the environment and the conciliation that we offer beyond current legislation are some of the fundamental pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our goal is to continue growing in order to incorporate new measures and initiatives and generate a greater impact.

Every day we work to improve and increase our commitment to:

🔷 The people who are part of the Oppidum TIC team

🔷 Compliance with legislation

🔷 The environment and society

🔷 Transparency and commitment to our customers and suppliers

🔷 Excellence in management and customer service

🔷 Business ethics and the fight against corruption

We want to make an active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement beyond compliance with laws and regulations.
To do this, we carry out a set of business management practices, strategies and systems so that our activities have a positive impact on society and affirm the principles and values by which we are governed.